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Austin Commuter Challenge Update

April 15, 2009

Participating in the Austin Commuter Challenge?  Don’t wait to register your team in the competition; Apply Now.  It will allow others to find your team easier.  Select the challenge below that you wish to participate in and then select Join Competition.

Austin Commuter Challenge – May 4 thru May 31

Austin Commuter Challenge – Friends and Family

Austin Commuter Challenge – Individual

It’s that simple.  Once you have joined the competition it will generate a message to the league admin (rooster09…that’s me).  I will approve your request and your team will show up in the list of teams participating.  Very shortly greenlightride will push an update that allows players to apply to your team from the challenge page.

For now a player that wishes to join your team will need to visit the Teams Page and scroll the list to find you.  note: scroll back to front as teams are listed by join date.

As always I am avaiable to answer questions.  Please feel free to post here or send me a message from any of the competition pages.

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