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Bikes are Fun! Whoo Hoo

May 5, 2009

I wanted to post an excerpt from an email I received today from an Austin Commuter Challenge Participant. Thanks Wes.

“I see that you are out logging some trips for the ACC. Good for you. I’ve enrolled the assistance of my family and I didn’t anticipate how the competitive aspect of the challenge would incent them to ride. I guess kids just love to compete, but they want to ride everywhere now and last night, we rode to dinner, to the grocery store, to the mail box and home.

We didn’t go very far, but we have five in our household so we racked up 20 points in a two hour period and they are suddenly very excited to be riding places. My nine-year-old and eleven-year-old were impressed to learn that they racked up more points than anyone in the challenge yesterday.

Usually, I have to practically threaten them to get them to ride to school, but not this morning. I couldn’t have kept them off of their bikes. Thanks for doing this, as I’ve needed something to get them riding lately and this contest seems to be doing the trick.”

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