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Call to Action: Public Hearing on Bike Plan May 21, 6pm

May 15, 2009

The Public Hearing to adopt the update to the City’s Bicycle Master Plan will be held next Thursday, May 21st at 6 pm. in City Council Chambers at City Hall.  At that time (although depending where we end up the agenda, could end up being anytime after 6 pm up to 10pm).  You can sign up to speak, or simply sign up  for or against the plan and check “not wishing to speak.” 

If you cannot attend the meeting you can still sign up to support the Plan at the kiosks on the first floor of City Hall.  It is Agenda item 61.   You do not have to attend the meeting, if you aren’t able to.   PLEASE take a moment to ride over at lunch, before work, or after and sign up in support.   Kiosks to sign up are located in the City Hall Lobby.  Someone there can assist you if you need some help with it.  Click Here to view the Plan

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