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Introducing the All-New 6 Series Madone

July 15, 2009

The Lightest, Fastest, Stiffest Madone. Ever.

More than three years in development, the 6 Series went through over 70 design revisions before arriving at a frameset worthy of becoming the next Madone. There’s no doubt that it’s the ultimate ride for pro cyclists, but you don’t have to be a professional to experience the most technically advanced, exquisitely performing, and meticulously refined road bike Trek has ever made.

The all-new 6 Series Madone stands alone in every performance category. Weight, stiffness, comfort and handling. The 6 Series Madone is the ultimate ride for bicycle aficionados, discriminating enthusiasts, and those who simply want the best.


The Madone 6 Series is the most technologically advanced road bike ever made. All it took to get there was tens of thousands of hours of development, 70 designs and redesigns, and a refusal to accept anything less than perfection.

Nothing can beat the feel of OCLV Carbon. Nothing, that is, except OCLV2. The best carbon, taken to a whole new level.


Choose one of three fit options to get the performance you crave with the riding position that suits you best.

Build Your Madone

The choice is yours when it comes to configuring your 6 Series Madone, down to the smallest detail. Frame, wheels, components, colors, paint scheme—your dream bike is yours to define, and perfectly built for even the most discriminating rider.

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