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Action Alert: Council Considering Two New Ordinances

August 25, 2009

Take Action!As you may have read, the City  Council Thursday will consider a resolution directing staff to draft two new ordinances:

 * A safe passing law requiring motorists to give bicyclists at least three feet of clearance when passing. (The ordinance will be based on Bike Texas’s legislation passed in the session but vetoed by Gov. Perry, so it will likely include other vulnerable road users like pedestrians.)

* A ban on texting while driving (and riding a bike).*

While the measures have support from the City Council overall, they are getting a lot of anti-bicyclist backlash from some citizens, so it’s important that our elected officials hear from us about the necessity of these laws.

Please take a moment to e-mail the Mayor and City Council and let them know:

“I support the efforts of LOBV and the Street Smarts Task Force to put Austin in the leadership role for bicycle safety with the safe passing law and texting ban.”

You may e-mail the mayor and all council members here with the COA form:

Or you may find contact information for specific officials here:

*And a quick note about the texting ban. While some of you may poo-poo the idea, it’s the wave of the future and it makes sense on many levels.  On the Street Smarts Task Force we reviewed numerous bicycle/car crash reports, a large number of which included motorists distracted by cell phones. Texting is the most egregious of distractions.  And we can’t logically leave bicycles out of this law, since bicycles already are subject to the vast majority of other laws governing the operation of a vehicle.

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