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Livestrong Training Tip #3 – Proper Fit

August 28, 2009

Can I borrow your bike?

Over the years that Bicycle Sport Shop has sponsored the LIVESTRONG Challenge, and many others like it, a very common similarity is the high number of participants on borrowed bikes.  Typically it is someone interested in cycling that has decided to participate alongside their friend or spouse. That’s great.  I think that participating in a group ride with your friend or loved one can be very exciting for someone new to cycling. Most organized rides are well supported with food and technical support which can be a big comfort to new cyclists.  It is a great setting for an incredible experience that could change your life.  A properly fit bicycle will  ensure that you, your friend or spouse has the most comfortable and enjoyable ride possible.

So how do I know if the bike fits?

If you are already riding the bike here are few tell tale signs that you are not fit properly.

  • You had to use a step stool to get on the bike.
  • Your knees brush you ear lobes as you pedal.
  • Your hips rock side to side when you pedal.
  • You are having knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain or neck pain when you ride.
  • Your hands hurt or go numb.

Ultimately if you plan to borrow a bike from a friend I would highly recommend visiting a fit professional.  They will be able to ensure that you are safe and as comfortable as possible.  Bicycle Sport Shop’s fit  staff are trained and certified to provide the highest quality service avaiable.  Here is an example of the training our staff members recieve.

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