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Shout Out – Austin Cycle Camp

September 20, 2009

I had an opportunity to meet a couple of the guys from Austin Cycle Camp today.  Trey Steele, Co-Founder, even gave me a ride home.  I had ridden out to the Kiker Bike Fest to draw a name for the Bicycle Sport Shop  bicycle package giveaway and decided, competely by accident, to take the longests hilliest route to get there.  After walking around in cycling shoes all day inspecting participants bikes, I went on the short ride from the Kiker Elementry to to the Veloway.  It was like pedaling with concrete columns instead of legs.  I think I said yes to Trey’s ride home offer before he finished asking.

Anyway, we spoke briefly about the camp and I am very happy to see something like this in Austin. From speaking with Trey it sounds like Austin Cycle Camp is all about the fun.  Their base camp class offers weekly lessons wich cover skills such as bike handling, bike set up, road safety, climbing, riding in a group and more.  Next time you’re at the veloway be sure and say hi or visit the Austin Cycle Camp website.

Good luck Austin Cycle Camp and thank you for your support of cycling in Austin.

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