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A Home for unused Bike Parts and a great Cause

November 6, 2009
This Sunday, from 11am to 3pm, the new HOPE Farmer’s Market (E 5th & Waller) will be collecting bikes and bike parts for an amazing organization, C.A.C.I.T.A. If you or your friends have any unused bikes or bike parts, we can help ya’ll find an amazing home for them!  Any help spreading the word about this is also greatly appreciated!

Hope Farmer’s Market will be the 1st stop on this year’s Urban Farm Bicycle Tour, December 5th!


The C.A.C.I.T.A. is a project and open learning space that operates just outside of Oaxaca, Mexico.  The C.A.C.I.T.A., la Centro Autónomo para la Creación Intercultural de Tecnologías Apropiadas- (the Autonomous Centre for the Intercultural Creation of Appropriated Technologies), works to produce technologies and machines that are economically viable and, most importantly, socially and environmentally just.  It is a project that was founded and is run by local Oaxaquenos, and continues to operate thru a simple non-profit volunteer only model today.  They create a host of machines with recycled parts at the C.A.C.I.T.A., which run from bicycle machines that ground wheat, pump water or turn a blender, to dry toilets and solar heated stoves.  These machines are then donated to predominately rural communities that live mostly, but not limitied to, the state of Oaxaca.  However, because of the non-profit nature of the C.A.C.I.T.A., the collective suffers from a lack of materials.

A C.A.C.I.T.A. representative will be passing through Austin November 7th, and 8th, and will be collecting as many used bicycles and parts as possible to take to Mexico.  On behalf of the C.A.C.I.T.A. I can assure you that any donations will be greatly appreciated and will make a significant difference in the functioning capacity of the C.A.C.I.T.A.


View this video link to see the great work C.A.C.I.T.A. has been doing.  Thanks for all of the
time and support.
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