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BSS MTB Team Keeps Pace on Trail Maintenance

January 26, 2010

Last Saturday, January 23rd, the Bicycle Sport Shop Mountain Bike Race Team got together with the folks from Austin Ridge Riders to donate some hearty trail work on the Pace Bend Trail to be used for the upcoming Texas Mountain Bike Race Association (TMBRA) race this Spring.  At the end of the day, more than 112 man hours were invested in to improving the Pace Bend Park Mountain Bike Trail.

BSS MTB Team at Pace Bend Park

BSS MTB turns out in force for Pace Bend Trail Maintenance

As you can see from the group picture, we have a great group of men, women, and junior riders for this years racing season and no shortage of support for helping do their part to ensure the Austin Mountain Bike Trail System remains intact and in great condition for riders of all varieties to enjoy through out the year. Much of the effort on Saturday focused on getting areas of the course “race ready”. There are lot of things to consider when your riding a trail at high-speed that wouldn’t materialize on a more casual ride. Combining the experience of the Austin Ridge Rider Trail Stewards and volunteers with the racers from the Bicycle Sport Shop Team, we were able to smooth out and improve the safety of the trail for racers in the upcoming race.


Want to get in a really good workout on some solid single track outside Austin. The new Texas Mountain Bike Racing Association (TMBRA) race trail at Pace Bend Park is marked!  Myself and a group of riders from the Bicycle Sport Shop team along with the experienced leadership of some trail stewards from the Austin Ridge Rider Club spent this past Saturday working and fine-tuning sections of the trail to be used for the upcoming TMBRA race this Spring.

The 11 mile loop is marked and folks are already packing in the new trail and seeding the lines for the upcoming race. I had the opportunity to ride a hot lap on Saturday after working the trail.  Average lap times for most riders, including myself, were around an hour to complete the course.  Word is that the final TMBRA course will be shortened come race time. On Sunday, I ventured out for several laps on the course.  Why you ask? Because, I was having so much fun enjoying a trail that lent itself to some solid endurance work.  Imagine that, a local trail that lets you work your endurance training in to some fun mountain biking!

All told, the average altitude gain per lap was around 720ft (see altitude chart).  Aside from a couple noticeable hills, the climbing is mostly false flats. Technically, the Pace Bend Trail fits in nicely between Muleshoe and Reimers Ranch.  Currently, there are a couple jeep trail sections on the course that a)let you recover b)let you haul butt to the next single track section, you take your pick!

Pace Bend Altitude Map

Elevation view of 720ft of Climbing on Pace Bend Trail

The single track in the woods is twisty but not so tight that you can’t get in to a nice flowing rhythm.  There are a couple rock garden sections that encourage you to maintain speed and are great for 29r fans.  This coupled with some fast creek crossings and a dash of ledges to ascend make this a great all around trail for the Austin area.  Austin Ridge Riders has done a fantastic job of moving sections off the trail that historically succumb to holding water.  Expect to get a great workout on the bike when you show up.  There’s also some great camping right near the trail head if you choose to stay the night.  See you on the trail!

Bryan Kreitz is a guest blogger for the Bicycle Sport Shop and a member of the 2010 Bicycle Sport Shop Mountain Bike Racing Team. You can learn more about training with a power meter and mountain bike racing by emailing Bryan .

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