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Combat Your Daily Commute Blues

April 9, 2010

Is the daily commute wearing you down? Through-the-roof gas prices; traffic jams; non-existent parking; lovely mornings and afternoons wasted inside your vehicle—what’s there to do? Commute by bike! It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s easy, it saves you money and keeps you healthy and happy!  In fact, pedaling only 10mph, a 140-pound cyclist burns about 400 calories an hour.Studies prove that biking a few times a week reduces blood pressure and stress while increasing your energy and elevating your overall mood.

Still not sure if bike commuting is an option for you? Would the chance at over $1,000 in prizes be the kick in the pants you need? Check out our recent post on the  Austin Commuter Challenge.
Go by Bike!
The great thing about bicycle commuting is that just about anyone can do it and on just about any bike. Use your mountain bike? You betcha! Road bike? You’ll be at work in no time! Hybrid? Oh yeah, ride in comfort and style! Tandem? Double your fun and invite a co-worker!

oWhatever bicycle you choose, you want to avoid mechanical breakdowns when commuting and the easiest way to do so is to make sure your bike is in good working order. What does that entail? A basic, inexpensive tune-up is a great place to start. Come in and we’ll give your bike a look-over and make sure that it’s in tip-top shape. Besides being more reliable, a clean, well-tuned bike will be easier to ride and more fun, too.

Because flat tires are the most common problem, you’ll want to avoid them and be prepared to fix a flat if you get unlucky. You may want to have us install puncture-resistant tires and tubes when you get a tune-up (ask and we can make recommendations for your bicycle). And, you’ll want to carry a pump, tire levers, a spare tube (even two if you commute far) and a patch kit (just in case). Another important take along is an all-in-one multi-tool, which ensures you can deal with minor repairs like loose parts or small adjustments. We have a wide selection of tires, tubes, pumps and tools, so we can hook you up with the best products to suit your needs. Bicycle Sport Shop also has basic bike maintenance classes to show you how to quickly fix your flat, lube a chain, and other tips and pointers that will help you take care of your bike.

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