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Austin Commuter Challenge – Last Chance

April 27, 2010

Bike for a change.

With the Austin Commuter Challenge right around the corner, now is the perfect time to encourage your friends, family and coworkers to get out and enjoy the ride with you.   Bicycle Sport Shop’s Austin Commuter Challenge encourages the exchange of car trips for bike trips whenever possible. For some, it may be trading your daily work commute. For others a trip to the corner store or local grocery. Either way it earns you a trip and promotes a greener, heathier Austin. More cyclists on the Austin roads means less traffic, less pollution, more parking, and a happier/healthier community.

Wes Robinson and his clan of committed commuters swept all three categories in the Austin Commuter Challenge in 2009. The big story is not the number of trips they rode or the number of miles they accumulated, but the changes they experienced with a simple commitment to bike more often.

“Participating in the Austin Commuter Challenge has raised our awareness of ways that we can replace car trips with bike trips. Two of our members had been considering riding to work for some time and the Challenge was the push they needed to make the leap. Of course, by incorporating our families in our bike rides, we also discovered how much more fun it is to ride together than it is to drive.” stated Robinson.

Bill Simmons, a teammate of Mr. Robinson’s, had been running grocery errands by bike for his neighbor Rick in order to rack up trips.  After a few trips and a few discussions surrounding the challenge Rick decided that if Bill could do it so could he. Rick, who was not a bike rider, now runs his own grocery errands by bike and commutes to work by bike as well. So whether you are already a dedicated bicycle commuter or someone who is sitting on the fence, please register today for the Austin Commuter Challenge and help us change the world, one bike trip at a time.

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