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Train Like the Pros – Austin Cycle Camps Leakey, TX Destination Camp

April 27, 2010

No saddle bag zone

Who hasn’t dreamed of cruising in the front of the peloton, Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwin giving the play-by-play of the ride as you climb the Tourmalet or cross the cobbles of Northern France, winding it up for the big sprint and taking it at the line in a photo finish and a blaze of glory.  In short, we all dream of being “pro.”  But of course the fact is that most of us have families and “real world” obligations that keep us firmly planted at home despite our mind wandering and wondering what it must be like for professional cyclists around the world.

Quit wondering and come ride like a pro!  Now that doesn’t mean you have to be fast, it just means you have to want to spend a few days riding some of the most scenic roads in Texas while your bike, your gear, and your accommodations are all taken care of by your team.  Your team, in this case, is Austin Cycle Camp! Bicycle Sport Shop is proud to partner up with them to offer their Leakey Destination Camp, May 14-16.

Everything AND the kitchen sink

Austin Cycle Camp is dedicated to improving your performance.  Through a combination of individual instruction, classroom lecture and group rides they allow you to push past your limits and discover a new level of fitness and confidence on the road.  If you just purchased a bike or recently rediscovered yours in the garage, or you’ve decided this is the year to get fit and be fast at the local races, Austin Cycle Camp has resources to help you meet your goals.  Those resources include, Individual Fitness Rides, Group Fitness Rides, Clinics, and Destination Camps—including the upcoming Leakey, TX destination camp!

Destination Leakey, TX

You’ll depart Austin the morning of Friday, May 14 from Bicycle Sport Shop’s Central Austin location.  Prior to leaving you’ll be able to pick up last minute items and will be instructed to remove your seat bag from your bike.  After all, what pro rides with a spare tube at training camp?  We’ll get you and your gear to Leakey and Bicycle Sport Shop’s pro mechanic will make sure everyone’s bike is ready for an afternoon ride while you grab some lunch.  Whether that means some lube on a chain or a pair of demo Zipp wheels, Edge Composites wheels, or a powertap set-up, we’ve got you covered.

Meals and accommodations are taken care of, so you’ll simply eat, ride, rest, eat, sleep and repeat for the next two days!  Saturday’s ride will feature longer distances, and there will be a final Sunday morning ride prior to returning to Austin.  All the while you’ll enjoy the services of a Bicycle Sport Shop mechanic and the excellent support and camaraderie of the folks from Austin Cycle Camp.

There are limited spots for this unique opportunity so get in now!  Register here to go farther and faster than you ever thought possible by heading to Spring training camp with Austin Cycle Camp and Bicycle Sport Shop!

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