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RMHC Helped Mitchell— Support RAR2010

May 7, 2010

Meet Mitchell Rice

In June of 2008, 12 year old, Mitchell Rice was hanging out with his friends when some “boys will be boys” rough-housing occurred, and Mitchell ended up with a 4-1/2 inch skull fracture with internal bleeding.  After 2-1/2 days of monitoring at Dell Children’s Medical Center, the doctors confirmed that the bleeding was continuing, putting pressure on his brain. Mitchell would need surgery. The doctors explained to Mitchell and his parents that they would be cutting out a piece of his skull in the operation, then later reattaching it with small plates and screws.  While his parents were taking in this staggering news, Mitchell, who loves his hair long and curly, had one main concern and question: “Will you have to shave my head!?”

“As a parent there is nothing more stressful and heartbreaking than seeing your child suffering and scared in a hospital bed.  You want to be there and nowhere else . . . it’s where your heart is at that moment,” said Jonetta Rice.

But since they lived an hour away from the hospital, and they had two other children to care for, they were torn between staying at their son’s bedside in the hospital and also continuing to provide the support and care needed by their other two children. They were delighted and relieved when they were told that they could stay at the Ronald McDonald House. “With RMHC right there in the same complex as the hospital, it allowed one of us to easily go to our room to sleep for a while or let the other kids play at RMHC.  It kept our family together. . .without having to make the two hour round trip from the hospital to home.

Through ‘tag-parenting,’ one of us was able to get a hot shower and even a few hours of sleep uninterrupted by beeping machines and attentive nurses, then return to the hospital refreshed, clear-headed, and ready to send the other parent over to the Ronald McDonald House for their own much needed break!” Mitchell’s surgery was successful, and as you can see from the photos, the doctors very carefully shaved as little hair as possible.  A year after his surgery, he is doing great, and since the doctors said he can’t play football any more, he is now learning tennis. A word of gratitude to all of you who made it possible for RMHC to take care of this family and the hundreds of families who enter our doors each year.

How can you help Ronald McDonald House Charities?

There are a number of ways for you to help Ronald McDonald House Charities support families just like the Rice family. Join Team Ronald for this year’s Real Ale Ride, raise funds and enjoy the perks ride day. Not feeling up for the ride, but still want to help and join in the festival that is Real Ale Ride? Register as a virtual rider when you sign up or volunteer pre-ride or on ride day.

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