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Limited Edition Oakleys

May 10, 2010

Now that you know how to pick out sunglasses for cycling, check out these bad boys from Oakley.  We are happy to present the limited edition BMX Chrome Jawbone & Radar, hitting our sales floor soon.

BMX Chrome Jawbone

BMX Chrome Radar

About Jawbone

Pushing the envelope is one thing — tearing it in half is another. And when it comes to innovating the sport performance eyewear game, we’re champions of the latter. The reason is simple: Mad Scientists just don’t do normal. Or regular. Good or solid. They do insane. Or amazing. Great or spectacular. Jawbone is innovation unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Until now.

It’s not just us. And it’s not just hyperbole. It’s revolutionary frame architecture that’s tested, approved and praised by professional athletes. Guys who take the business of winning just as seriously as we take industry-leading technology.

“The baddest racing glasses Oakley has made.”
— George Hincapie, U.S. Pro Champion and Olympic cyclist

Read more about Oakley’s Jawbone model sunglasses at

About Radar

When Cedric Gracia charged through the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest, he saw the constantly changing terrain through a new form of eyewear, Radar®. Searching for the soul of MTB on perfect trails in the wet dense forests of Oregon’s backcountry proved to be daunting task, and Oakley’s latest eyewear shielded Cedric from all the elements that were thrown his way.

Radar® features an interchangeable lens design that lets athletes optimize vision in any environment. A revolutionary Hydrophobic™ lens coating repels water, skin oils and debris, keeping the optics crystal clear. The frame architecture creates a cooling flow of air, and the design features an interchangeable nosepiece for a custom fit. The result is a new milestone in performance technology.

Read more about Oakley’s Radar model sunglasses at

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