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Bicycle Sport Shop MTB Team Profile – Payson McElveen

June 15, 2010

Team: Bicycle Sport Shop MTB Team

Rider: Payson McElveen

Age: 17

CAT: PRO – Junior

Ride: Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper Carbon Hard Tail

Payson Conlee McElveen, an “A” student at the Austin Waldorf School, has been racing since age 14. Payson began his career with moderate success, but quickly climbed the podium with an unbeaten season at age 15. Payson has been racing Junior Pro for almost two years now and the competition is getting a bit tougher. He has seen a few podiums over the past two years, including a 5th place at Nationals in 2009. Payson has quickly become a figure that other juniors look up to and that adults fear on the race course. Payson’s success is truly earned.

I recently emailed his Dad for some background info on Payson and at the bottom of the email he had written “Other Hobbies: None”. I am sure that Payson has other hobbies, but there is always a little truth in jest. Payson’s hard work, commitment and perseverance are what landed him on the top of the podium at the MJ Classic.

Payson’s coach, Christian Williams, is most impressed with Payson’s ability to balance a “normal” life of high school and homework with his training and racing schedule. “I remember one time Payson emailed me around 10pm and said he was sorry that he had an important paper due and didn’t get to ride. I know he was sitting there in his shorts with his bike on the trainer ready to go.” Williams said. “If anything Payson needs to work on when not to ride. The quality of his workouts are pro level and he is definitely focused, but sometimes it’s ok to miss a workout, especially when it’s for school.  I see a great future for Payson.” he added.

Having worked with Payson directly over the past few years I have personally seen him grow both athletically and professionally. Everyone here at Bicycle Sport Shop is proud to have Payson as part of our team. Recently  selected for the USAC European Junior Development Team, Payson is currently racing in Germany. To learn more about Payson and his European adventure, check out his blog “The Endeavors of Payson McElveen“.

Payson was recently interviewed by Cycling Dirt pre-race at the MJ Classic, where he showed off the equipment that would get him to the top of the podium.

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