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Bicycle Dreams Movie Screening – July 27th

July 16, 2010

Bicycle Dreams movie poster

Bicycle Sport Shop brings Bicycle Dreams, a documentary inspired by the epic 3,005 mile bike race RAAM, to Alamo Drafthouse. This is not a stage race, you are not riding with teammates, you do not get a rest day and you must finish in less than 10 days. The Race Across America promises ten hard, sleepless days as participants race through 14 states and over 100,000 feet of climbing. RAAM which held its first race in 1982 is considered one of the most challenging sporting events in the world. The racers begin their journey on the Pacific coast then ride, an average of 300 miles per day, across the Mojave Desert, over the agonizing climbs of the Rockies, through the driving winds of the Great Plains, and over and down the twisting switchbacks of the Appalachians before they reach their final destination, Atlantic City.

“Bicycle Dreams is a beautiful film that probes deeply into the sport’s heart of darkness, offering an inspiring glimpse at the high price of glory.” USA Today

About the Production

Filmmaker Stephen Auerbach and his crew worked around the clock to capture the highs and lows of the Race Across America. With 18 cameras in the field, the team found innovative ways to document this massive event. To uncover the inner workings of the race, embedded camera operators traveled inside the riders’ crew vehicles, gaining unprecedented access to the cyclists and their teams. Their footage captured emotional and physical breakdowns, late-night strategy sessions, and great moments of personal triumph, all in intimate detail. Auerbach then took on the enormous task of editing hundreds of hours of material into a powerful, inspiring look inside the most difficult race on Earth.
Get Tickets Now!

Joins us Tuesday, July 27th at the Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar at 7:30pm to see the film that won 15 Film Festival Awards. Meet at Bicycle Sport Shop and ride your bike over to receive an extra ticket in the prize drawing. Prizes from Bicycle Sport Shop, Specialized, and Austin Cycle Camp.

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