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TxDot to Host 27 Public Meetings: Your Input Needed

August 2, 2010
TxDOT to Host 27 Public Input Meetings Across Texas in August for Long-Range Plan Development.
Please plan to attend a meeting close to you and give your feedback.
The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) continues the process started earlier this year of gathering public input for the updating Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan. According to TxDOT, “the new Statewide Long-Range Transportation Plan 2035 will serve as the state’s 24-year ‘blueprint’ for the planning process.”

Earlier this year, TxDOT had solicited public input from earlier meetings and questionnaires. Additional meetings were held July 26-30 in Houston, Lubbock, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi and El Paso.

During August, the next series of twenty-seven meetings are scheduled in the twenty-five TxDOT District Offices or other local venues to collect input from the public.

Written comments can be submitted to TxDOT until October 1, 2010.

The TxDOT meeting in Houston on July 26, 2010 was attended by regional planners, representatives from across the modes of the transportation industry, and alternative transportation advocates including BikeTexas staff.

Of the questionnaire results presented (228 voluntary responses), the most interesting was that while only 3% of respondents commuted by bicycle or walking (78% commuted by personal vehicle), 54% rated “Pedestrian and/or Bicycle Safety” as “Critical: Must be fixed” or “Very important.”  Sixty-four percent gave those same two ratings for “Lack of Alternative Modes of Travel” (see link in next paragraph).

TxDOT staff said that results, plan outlines and the July 2010 newsletter presented at the meeting will be posted on the Long Range Plan website by next week.

One important issue is the need for a statewide bicycle/pedestrian plan with specific goals for bicyclist and pedestrian mode shares.  Increased connectivity for bicyclists and pedestrians can also increase the catchment area for transit.

BikeTexas urges members to help make this part of the process a success by attending the TxDOT open house meetings and/or submitting written comments in support of accommodation of all modes of transport.

Long-Range Plan Contact Information:

Email Address:

Physical Mail Address:

Peggy Thurin, P.E.
Project Manager
TxDOT Statewide Transportation Plan 2035
4544 Post Oak Place
Houston, Texas 77027

Toll-Free Number:  1-888-589-7526

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