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eBay Czar Falls into a Burning Ring of Fire!

August 16, 2010

by Joey Machado, eBay Czar

Saturday, August 14 saw the Sweet & Twisted Red Licorice Team head to Luckenbach, Texas for the Ring of Fire: Ride or Race.  The event offered multiple ride distances as well as an option to do a timed 65 mile or 100 mile loop.  For those who have participated in the Real Ale Ride in the past, the roads likely looked familiar, as much of the Ring of Fire circled the Real Ale Ride course in reverse.  Bicycle Sport Shop’s Joey Machado was on hand to ride the hills through the heat of the Ring of Fire this past weekend, and here’s what he had to say.

The first thing that I have to mention is that the event sponsors did a bang up job on everything!  From support to race route to post ride food, drink, and activities I would definitely come back again and highly recommend this fun and friendly event!

I signed up for the 65 miler, which for me was going to be a stretch.  My longest rides this summer have not been more than 30 or 40 miles.  Oh well, nothing like a supported ride with scenic hills to keep me motivated!

I started with a quick group of about 20 or so riders who kept a steady pace.  The first round of hills and headwind did not seem to slow us down.  And given the pace of my companions and the conditions, right then, I knew I would not be able to hold onto this steady pace for the entire route.   There was some morning respite though as the overcast skies kept us from the baking sun for the first couple of hours. 

Around mile 30 I found myself on my own, my initial group having never let up their tempo, and I pulled into a rest station for some re-fueling.  Volunteers were wearing a hula skirts and kept rider spirits high. 

Feeling refreshed, I rolled out and was soon joined by two hardcore triathletes.  I knew they were hardcore for two reasons: they were pushing a 53-23 gear over every hill and one of them sported an Ironman logo tattoo on his right calf.  In my book, that made these guys serious!  While I was able to keep pace with them for about 5 miles, my lack of distance training and intensity work caught up with me.  Soon, both my quads were cramping and I had to soft pedal and coast for about 10 minutes before my legs would cooperate again. 

I have to say the last 15 miles were the hardest because they seemed the longest.  Along the way I would encourage others as I was passing, and they would do the same.  This actually gave me a little boost as encouraging words go a long way when one is getting tired. 

Highlights of the ride including hitting 42mph on a downhill, climbing 3,773 feet, and giving my heart rate a really tough work out!  Needless to say, I was really happy to finish the ride and enjoy the post-event refreshments and socializing! 

Here’s Joey’s Garmin info from the ride:  Looks like our eBay czar was able to pull himself out of the Ring of Fire!

Thanks for the ride report, Joey!

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