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Checking In: Fall Closeout Sale

October 4, 2012

It happens but once a year. The shop’s Closeout Sale. This is the chance to get current calendar year bikes and clothing on sale, along with a few other closeout goodies that are waiting to find the perfect home. The Closeout Sale is where you’ll find the deepest discounts on remaining 2012 items as we make room for new 2013 product. In short, it’s a great chance to get that bike you’ve been eyeing for some time or to stock up on clothing, particularly Spring and Summer gear, helmets, and shoes, especially with our buy 2 get 1 free deal on previously marked down clothing.

A lot of work goes into getting ready for a sale like this. Much of it is done behind the scenes by the guys in the buyers’ office. They are the ones that are reviewing inventory on 2012 product and setting those deep discounts we all love to get when buying new cycling gear.

I sat down briefly with a few of the guys in the back office–Scott, our bicycle buyer, Kelly, our parts and accessories buyer, and Chris our clothing buyer–and asked them a few questions about what we might see when the doors open tomorrow at 10 am for the 2012 Closeout Sale. Here’s what I found out and what you can expect:

Scott, let’s start with you. Generally, what category bikes are on sale?

Scott:  We have bikes from all categories–road, MTB, hybrid, kids, etc.–on sale. I’d say the best remaining overall selection is in road and then in what we might call the enthusiast price range (e.g. $1000 and up) for both MTB and road. That price range is the standard, regular price, so this a chance for someone to maybe get that next-level bike at a great price.

Scott, marking down 2012 bikes, takes a moment to mug for the camera.

What are some of the best deals going?

Kelly:  Well, from my end it’s somewhat limited. Parts and accessories generally speaking don’t have model years. Still, we recognize not everyone is looking for a new bike. So there will be a selection of parts and accessories on sale at the Lamar store only. Everything from tires, to drivetrain parts, fenders. A good selection overall, limited in specific options, but at great prices. If there’s an accessory you’re looking for and find it at the Lamar store’s sale section, you’d be hard pressed to find a better price. One thing that bike shoppers at any location can take advantage of is anyone that buys any bike and any shoe can get any pair of pedals at 50% off!

Scott:  For bikes there are discounts of 20-25% on most remaining Cervelo bikes and deep discounts in other upper end road and full-suspension MTBs that remain on hand. Just about all remaining 2012 bikes will be around 15% or more off. In some cases though significantly above that.

Chris:  2012 clothing will see it’s biggest discounts of the year as we look to make room for Fall and Winter gear, as well as some early Spring pieces. This really is the chance to get outfitted head to toe for a fraction of what it might otherwise cost. We’ve got gear from nearly every maker–Castelli, Pearl Izumi, Specialized, Sidi and others. Nearly every brand of clothing that we stock–Austin’s largest selection–will have items on sale. And, for this weekend, we’re bringing back our buy 2 get 1 free deal on all previously discounted clothing. Again, since selection is limited to what we have on hand, early shoppers will have the most choices.

Chris, looking chipper before the sale starts tomorrow.

Is everything available at each location?

Scott:  Selections of all categories of bikes will be offered at all locations, but the overall biggest selection will be at Lamar. The online closeout list will reflect the locations of each bike. It would be a great idea to refer to it prior to visiting the store and very easy to shop this list since it is sorted by size then price. Of course, since quantities are limited and 2012 bikes are mostly unavailable from manufacturers at this point, the best bet is to shop early.

Kelly:  The parts and accessories that we are discounting will be found at the Lamar store only. This is so that shoppers can see everything in one place. Shoppers at every location can take advantage of the 50% off any pedal deal with a bike and shoe purcahse.

Kelly laughs when I ask him to get a sneak peak at the Lamar store’s sale parts and accessories. HINT: those grey bins and more are FULL of closeout goodies.

Chris: Because of the available space, the biggest selection will be at Lamar, but each location will have discount clothing in all categories–shorts and bibs, jerseys, etc. There are particularly good deals on helmets and shoes, so this would be a good time to replace older, worn helmets and footwear.

So Scott, is any 2013 bike on sale?

Scott:  Not if I want to come to work on Monday! Seriously, we really want to sell the 2012 bikes so that we can stock way up on all the 2013 bikes coming in as we speak. To do that, we’re offering great discounts.

Are any custom bikes on sale?

Scott:  Only in-stock floor display models. Make an offer!

Thanks for sitting in, guys.  See you at the Closeout Sale!

Brent (aka Pookie) is probably the busiest guy back here. He’s receiving all the 2013 product!

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