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“The Late Show with Trek”

November 15, 2012

Last Wednesday evening the staff was treated to a special event; “The Late Show with Trek.” Held at a top-secret facility, the presentation, taking on the look and feel of the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, had the makings of a great evening. Catered dinner, a house band, comedy sketches, and of course great guests: John Burke, Trek’s president, Michael Mayer, Trek’s Road Product Marketing Manager, and John Riley, Trek’s Mountain Product Manager.

Our guests were in town to talk about the latest products from Trek, and to give us a glimpse of the future the folks in Waterloo, WI have planned. It was a a great event, with a few special surprises (Miller High Life Delivery Guy anyone?). Each person in the audience took home a copy of Mr. Burke’s new book, “One Last Great Thing” a tribute to his father, Trek founder, Richard Burke and were given a teaser that we’re all going to see more new items from Trek in the next 9 months than we’ve seen in quite some time.

We can’t wait. Special thanks to our own Mike Jew from the Parmer store for the pictures.

John Burke, Trek’s president, talked about his father, Trek’s mission, and the value of cycling as a solution to many issues we all face.

Marty got the crowd going, doing his best Johnny Carson as Carnac the Magnificent impression.

Michael Mayer, Trek Road Product Marketing Manager, talked about Trek’s new Domane platform, the all new Madone, and took some time to enjoy the evening.

John Riley, Trek Mountain Product Manager, spoke of big things to come from his group. We can’t wait!

Hill Abell enjoys the back and forth banter and tells the Bicycle Sport Shop – Trek story.

The crew listens on and enjoys the evening.

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  1. May 21, 2017 6:48 am

    Hallo, ich habe ebenfalls neuerdings ein Loch im Display. Um diese Stecknadel-große Loch ist es ge8Ãl¶bt&#w230;Sogar ein paar LEDs sind betroffen. Ich gehe mit meinem Retina um wie meinem Augapfel, also ein Fremdverschulden schließe ich aus. Vielleicht kann sich mal jemand melden, der ähnliche Problem hat oder hatte….Danke

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