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Outside the Box Holiday Gift Guide for Cyclists

December 12, 2012

If you’ve worked on a bike shop sales floor, it has happened to you.

Someone walks in and says, “I’m not really a rider, but my [insert family member description, friend, co-worker, etc.] is and they said they wanted something for riding for [insert holiday being celebrated, birthday, anniversary, etc.]”

The next few minutes are spent in an often awkward dance of product suggestions and polite declines. The reason, of course, is that the suggestions are things that the would-be gift recipient has, or they have one like it, or it isn’t really right for the riding they do–probably (“what’s that called where you go really fast downhill over rocks and trees?”), or it’s something the sales person really likes and thinks would be a great gift but it’s outside the gift giver’s budget. (If you’re me, this works both ways. I once recommended what I thought was a great Christmas gift for a dedicated roadie–a full winter kit, head to toe, from Castelli.  The shopper only got the jersey…and a bike to go with it.)

Of course as a cyclist I know that shopping for a rider can be tougher than finding the right gift for just about anyone else. I’ve gotten my fair share of MTB shoes with Speedplay cleats.  Instead of guessing at your rider’s favorite flavor of sport drink mix here are a few Holiday gift ideas sure to inspire the rider in your life.

Put the perfect gift under the tree for the rider in your life.

Put the perfect gift under the tree for the rider in your life.

Let them become a pro wrench

Ok, maybe not a full-on career change, but learning to work on your own bike is a right of passage every rider should go through. Having even basic skills to tackle little issues leads to confidence and self-reliance when it comes to maintaining equipment. The easiest way to get that knowledge is to give the gift of a Bicycle Sport Shop University class.  One size fits all.

Turn that old bike new again without anyone at your house getting dirty

So spinning wrenches isn’t your gift recipient’s thing. That’s ok. They can still get their beloved ride running like the day it was new with a tune-up from our service department.  And, you can save a few bucks since we’re running our Winter Service Specials through the holidays. Perfect for kids and adults.

Get your rider out of the house

My wife loves to send me to ride. I’m in a bad mood? She tells me I need a ride. I’m wanting to go goof off when she’s got work to do? She tells me to go ride. Give your rider some saddle time and send them on our Resolution Ride on January 1. They can go ride and you can sleep in. Make sure they stop and pick up breakfast for you after the ride.

Reading is fundamental

One of the most inspiring things for me is to read about riding and cycling in general. Most riders I know spend countless hours reading about their favorite brands, riders, products, you name it. So why not grab a copy of Paved, or Bicycle Times, or Bike or one of the other magazines on offer at the shop and get your rider a subscription. New inspiration every month in the form of editorials, product reviews, ride reports, and rider stories, not to mention a lot of great cycling imagery. Full disclosure: said materials may result in list of specific wants for next year.  Buyer beware.

Help your rider get fit

Whether your rider is getting a new bike or not, whatever they are riding needs to fit them properly. A great bike doesn’t seem great when it’s not as comfortable and efficient as it otherwise could be. Schedule your favorite cyclist and their new or existing bike for a fit with one of our certified fit technicians. An uncomfortable cyclist is an unhappy cyclist. And if the rider in your house isn’t happy, nobody’s happy!

Help your rider get fitter

Maybe your cyclist has everything. A great bike that fits like a glove. They signed up for the Resolution Ride weeks ago and have taken all of Professor Al’s classes, given their bike a complete overhaul, and then scheduled their bike for a complete overhaul with us–you know, just to be sure–and they’re going to wait for the service to be done. They’ll just sit over here and read their copy of Downhill. Why not help them ride stronger? Maybe some CycleFit workouts with Cycle Camp USA? Because riding better makes it more fun to go play bikes.

Of course, if you’re like me, and you carry on your father’s tradition of doing all of your shopping on Christmas Eve, sometimes you reach panic mode. Creativity flies out the window and what you really want to get, and what the person in your life really wants anyway, is a gift card. They get what they want, you have an easy time shopping. It’s a win-win.

We have gift cards too.

Happy holidays!

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  1. Don T. permalink
    December 12, 2012 2:30 pm

    I may run across you on Christmas Eve. If not, have a Merry Christmas Mr. Curtin!

    • djcurtin permalink
      December 12, 2012 2:47 pm

      Excellent! Have a great holiday if we don’t see each other!

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