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Ridden & Reviewed: A Follow Up on the Specialized S-Works Turbo 24 Clinchers

April 15, 2013

“For racing only.”

It says that right on the sidewall. Of course, throwing caution to the wind, I’ve run these tires for just over 460 miles since March 28th. While I raced them some, the majority of those ride hours were around South and Southeast Austin, towards San Marcos and points beyond.

As I mentioned in my original post, the tires are great. Easy to mount, fast feeling–even at lower pressures (90-95 psi), and amazing cornering grip. A few of my rides since that first post have been in the rain and if anything the wet conditions seemed to enhance the remarkable cornering characteristics of the Turbo 24s. Perhaps being inspired by the ride quality, I left them on for longer than I should have.

Closing in on 500 mostly not racing miles, the remaining tread front (left) and rear (right).

Closing in on 500 mostly not racing miles, the remaining tread front (left) and rear (right).

I’ve flatted twice more because of sharp road debris. The tires’ great suppleness, which gives them their quality ride feel, likely allowed them to perhaps more easily pick up small glass shards that worked their way through the tire and into the tube. I can’t say another tire that I’d normally run, be it a Michelin Pro 4 Service Course, A Continental GP 4000, or similar rubber would have or wouldn’t have flatted. All I know is that two flats in two weeks is probably one too many for me. Such is life.

Today I washed my bike after some wet rides last week and I pulled the S-Works Turbo 24s off. I think I’ll save them for their intended purpose–racing.

It pays to follow directions.

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