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Ridden & Reviewed: The Specialized Rumor Women’s 29″ MTB

May 2, 2013

I lobbied hard to go watch Rebecca Rusch, also known as The Queen of Pain, make a run at setting a trail record for the Kokopelli Trial from Moab, UT to Fruita, CO. The event coincided with Specialized’s launch of their new women-specific 29″ platform, the Rumor. In their infinite wisdom, shop management elected to send someone that can actually ride a mountain bike well and someone who could appreciate the Rumor’s thought out design. Here is Lamar store assistant manager Rachael Cook’s report from Fruita:

Ladies, Oh Ladies! 

If you have been waiting to be swept away by a mountain bike that fully delivers on its promise of design for women, meet the Specialized Rumor.  I got to ride this new for 2013 bike on the Kokopelli Trails and Lunch Loops in Fruita, CO with some wonderful ladies from Specialized as well as other North American retailers this past weekend at the bike’s launch.  The well-executed Rumor delivered a two-day trail tryst that exceeded every expectation that I had. 

Rebecca and the crew in Fruita, CO.

Rachael (4th from l.) and the crew in Fruita, CO.

 While it would be easy to get caught up in the spec sheet offerings of either of the reasonably priced Comp or Expert versions, let me just touch on a couple. First, both bikes have Specialized’s proprietary AUTOSAG feature on the rear shocks. AUTOSAG makes rear shock setup so painlessly quick and easy even this single speed hardtail riding girl doesn’t mind setting it up trail-side. And then there’s what you can’t see. Just like Specialized’s size specific tubing and carbon layups on their road bikes, the tubing on each size of the Rumor is designed specifically for riders appropriate to the size of the bike. No other company can claim this level of attention to detail that gives riders of every size the best experience available. 

The Rumor's frame features size-specific tubing for the ultimate ride.

The Rumor’s frame features size-specific tubing for the ultimate ride.

Now, onto the ride! I threw everything I had at this bike, and I was limited by nothing but my own skill level. Even when I got myself into sketchy situations the Rumor got me through what I expected would turn bad. Multiple times I was going way too fast into turns or downhill or off ledges and came upon unexpected obstacles in the trail that I thought for sure would knock me off my rhythm. The Rumor, seemingly of its own volition, moved through and past them with uncanny ease. I felt like this bike was almost as in tune with me as my custom Independent Fabrication, even though I only did a quick seat height adjustment trail-side. 

Rachael hard at "work."

Rachael hard at “work.”

I’m proud that Bicycle Sport Shop represents a brand that embraces and empowers women’s riding experiences whether off road, on road, or around town. We will have a size run of Rumors arriving this May.  Come check it out for yourself and see what makes this a total trail machine!

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