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Help BikeTexas Win a Dream Bike Room!

April 25, 2014




From our friends at BikeTexas. Help them win a dream bike room for their offices right here in Austin! It’s a matter of Texas pride!


Please vote now for BikeTexas to win a Dream Bike Room from Dero!


If you’ve ever visited the BikeTexas office, chances are you’ve seen our bike fleet. We use them for events like our legislator rides, where we get as many elected officials as possible onto a bike so they can see what riding a bike in Texas is all about.


Chances are, if you’ve visited our office, you’ve also tripped over a bike, or come pretty close.


We’re changing that right now. BikeTexas is a finalist in the Dero Bike Racks Dream Bike Room contest— a chance to win $7500 in Dero products to get our bikes safely stored off the floor so we have space to walk around without accidentally starting a game of bicycle dominoes.


We need your help! Voting is tight and the other competitors–based in Pittsburgh– want it as badly as we do. Are you going to let Pennsylvania win over Texas? We didn’t think so. Please vote for BikeTexas today and then spread the word to all your friends! (Hint– there’s a line of social share buttons at the top of this email. All you have to do is click!) Voting just takes a few seconds.


And once we win, we’d love for you to come visit and enjoy the result. Please vote now! The contest closes at 11:59 PM April 30.






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