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ACTION ALERT! Tell the Senate Finance Committee NOT to Eliminate the Transportation Alternatives Program!

June 25, 2014

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The biggest source of federal funds for bicycling and walking projects is under attack in the U.S. Senate.

Tomorrow morning, the Senate Finance Committee is voting on a plan to fund the Highway Trust Fund. Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) has introduced an amendment to eliminate the Transportation Alternatives program in its entirety. TAP is a vital federal funding source for local leaders to build biking and walking projects in communities like yours.

Please ask your lawmaker to vote NO on Toomey #1.

Bikeable and walkable communities create healthy and vibrant downtowns and boost neighborhoods that attract millenials and baby boomers alike. Communities that offer real transportation choice, including biking and walking, ensure that EVERYONE has safe access to jobs, school, shops, and recreation alike. The future of transportation in American communities includes biking and walking.

Just this month, almost 400 Mayors from across the country signed a letter encouraging Congress to bolster — not weaken — the Transportation Alternatives program, hailing it as a vital tool to build local transportation options. Don’t allow Congress to take away local control — tell your Senator to vote NO and voice their support for transportation choice.

The committee votes tomorrow morning — take action now!

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