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Trek World!

August 7, 2014

Some of the folks from the buyers’ office have been busy at Trek World, getting the scoop on the latest and greatest from the good folks in Waterloo, WI. There’s so much to see at a dealer event like this that’s it’s almost impossible to really look carefully at every product in every category. Scott has given us a few of his favorites bikes, many of which you’ll soon see at the shop!

Suffice it to say, the one offs and the bikes of the pros that appear at these events are always crowd pleasers. This particular one, Fabian Cancellara’s actual Paris-Roubaix bike is one you won’t se at the shop soon, but it’s still a “must share.” Cancellara was actually the keynote speaker at the opening evening of the show.


Cancellara carries a cue sheet aboard his top tube. It’s not to prevent getting lost, but to know where exactly along the paracours the major pave sectors are. Fairly typical fare for those with a shot at victory in the Queen of the Classics.


If you’ve seen the District line of city bikes, the new Chelsea is the women’s/step through design compliment to the District Steel model. Very attractive.


There were so many new and interesting colors and color combinations on the MTB side of things at Trek World that it was hard to pick a favorite. This is a Remedy 9 in a nod to Gulf Racing.


It’s no secret Scott likes green bikes. Or at least it seems that way. But however you feel about green, the paint detail on this Speed Concept is top notch.


It’s a cliche, but it really does look fast sitting still.


Trek’s made a big push into cyclocross in the last two years, signing Katie Compton and Sven Nys. Here is a close up of the Boone Sven will ride, complete in Belgian National Champ colors. Guess they haven’t quite finished up the BSSCX team colorway yet.


The cyclocross shrine. As Scott put it, “there was a keg to the right of this shot. You could have stood here all night and basked in the glory.” Indeed.


Again, crazy interesting colors for the whole MTB line-up this year, like this Stash 7.


Single Speed MTB in a killer grape-tastic purple.

IMG_2266 IMG_2265

The show stealer? The integrated toy storage on the kids bikes!


Speaking of integration, lights that are built into the bike on the new Lync. There’s a removable and rechargeable battery as part of the set-up.


Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but Trek purchased Electra Bikes some time back. So there were bikes and gear from Electra to see too. This moto-inspired cruiser was an eye catcher.


Another eye-catching electric blue bike was this Slash 7 with a piggy bak shock and a Pike up front for the enduro riders out there.


Scott loves green bikes. And fat bikes. So you bet he stopped to check out this rig, complete with suspension fork.


Adventure bikes, gravel bikes. light touring bikes. Call them what you will, but the overall concept is one that growing: a bike that can cover distance and terrain changes. The lightweight bags seen here would be perfect for a quick overnighter to the Hill Country.


Trek’s venerable 920 heads up a complete line of adventure bikes.


Accessory integration isn’t just for kids. All of Trek’s hybrid bikes no feature a mount to hold our smart phone. Simply download your favorite fitness app.


Thanks for sharing your top picks with us Scott! Hope you brought me something nice!

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