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Holidays Mean Kids’ Bikes!

December 14, 2014

Whether it’s a first bike or a next bike, holidays mean kids’ bikes. And when you get a kids’ bike from Bicycle Sport Shop you’re getting more than just the bike. You’re getting quality materials from the best brands in the business–Trek, Specialized, Sunday, and others. You’re getting bikes that share the same warranty as adult models. You’re getting our same 100% satisfaction guarantee. And you’re getting bikes that are assembled by our professionally trained staff, the same folks that build and check all the bikes we sell. So you know that the bikes for the littlest riders on your list are the right bike.

Like with adult bikes, there are dozens of kids’ bikes to choose from. We’ve narrowed the list down some and have compiled our favorites here for you. And we also have our kids’ bike buying guide to help you along the way.

Trek’s geared bike options for slightly older or more experienced junior riders are popular and are generally our best priced options in this class. The MT 200 mountain bike (which is our most affordable junior mountain bike option) or the Kids Dual Sport hybrid look like mom or dad’s bike, but are purpose built for kids. The new bike in this group, the Trek KRX is a new road/cyclocross offering that easily does double duty with a simple tire swap. All of these bikes are great for the kid that has graduated beyond the 16″ or 20″ wheel size bikes and are especially popular with parents who want their kids to ride with them.

Trek's Dual Sport for kids. Just like mom's or dad's!

Trek’s Dual Sport for kids. Just like mom’s or dad’s!

From Specialized the ever popular Hotwalk balance bike and the Hotrock 12″, 16″, and 20″ wheel bikes are the simplest, lightest, and most size adjustable bikes in their category. With simple styling and kid-specific components, Specialized’s offerings are bound to last for years. Moreover, being light weight and easy to fit, means a bike that’s not only easier to ride–or learn to ride–but it’s also more fun as the bike instills confidence in even the littlest rider. This is something you won’t see in bikes from big-box stores or bikes not from your favorite local bike shop.

Some kids just have to do tricks. And Austin being a hotbed for BMX, it’s no wonder that brands like Sunday Bikes standout. Designed right here in Austin it’s a true BMX brand for riders at every level–from those learning to those at the X-Games. Not only will you see pros like Aaron Ross on these bikes, but now with 16″ and 18″ wheel sizes on offer, Sunday has something for every rider.

The best option for the littlest riders just starting out is a balance bike. The pedaling action of riding is actually a pretty easy skill to learn. But the balancing, that’s the thing that takes practice and concentration. Enter the balance bike and Strider. Strider has arguably been doing balance bikes longer than anyone else. Their simple, cost-effective design makes learning to ride a snap and is sure to create great memories of that first bike.

Balance bikes like those from Strider are a great way for youngsters to get started riding.

Balance bikes like those from Strider are a great way for youngsters to get started riding.

Build a love of riding and make holiday memories that will last a lifetime with a new bike from Bicycle Sport Shop!

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