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Cub Prose; Shopping at Bicycle Sport Shop

January 6, 2015

If you missed Cub’s first piece of literary work, you can see it here. This time, he waxes poetic about the shopping experience at Bicycle Sport Shop.

Good morning my friend, what do you know, what brings you to Bicycle Sport Shop, is your quiver to grow? 

We have flat bars and drop bars, some swoop if you’d like, I really must inquire, what you look for in a bike? 

Or is it lights that you need, so steady and bright, they keep you safe, visible, and shine in the night. Forget not the bell, which rings clear and true, no longer a shout is needed to ride through. And of course the dome on which you depend, our helmets, those heroes, can be your best friend. Be it chains or tubes or repairs of all kinds, our service department will save you the time. 

If you tell me you’re new, know not this great land, the bikes that we rent will fulfill your demands. 

So when the time comes for you to decide, be swift like the wind and have joy in your eyes. You will treasure that moment when those pedals spin, and all you will say is “what a great day it’s been.”

Well said, Cub. Well said.

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  1. May 21, 2017 4:05 am

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