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New Garmins: Bigger Features, Smaller Packages

August 18, 2015

Garmin has become the go-to company for sports data collection. And it’s no wonder since their products are generally plug-n-play and host a bevy of features sure to make even the most data-driven rider content. Just released and now in stock at the shop are the new Garmin Edge 25 and Edge 520.

The Edge 25 is a “basic” cycling computer. The term basic is used loosely as the 25 is the world’s smallest GPS bike computer. If you’re a rider of a certain age (ahem) you may remember the Avocet 31. The Edge 25 seems similar in size as memory serves. But obviously the modern take on the tiny cycling computer packs way more of a punch.

Garmin Edge 25

A lot of punch in a little package. The Garmin Edge 25.

The Edge 25 tracks distance, speed, and time. If you purchase the Edge 25 bundle, included is a heart rate monitor strap and cadence sensor, which lets you capture those data points as well. The standard 25 comes with the unit itself, stem/bar mount, and charger. You can also purchase the heart rate monitor and cadence sensors separately, but the bundle, if you want those features, is the way to go in terms of saving money.

Like many of Garmin’s other units, the Edge 25 will let you save and plan activities using Garmin’s own data management software, Garmin Connect. And when paired with a smart phone, the 25 offers instant upload of finished, saved rides and allows you to share a link where others can follow you on your ride, be it to work or across Texas. The Edge 25, like other Garmin units, is water resistant and feels substantial and durable when in hand.

The 520 is a long needed update to the venerable 510 (which itself was a long overdue update to the 500). The most immediately noticeable differences are the slightly smaller size, and thus lighter weight, and the high resolution screen, which looks great.

The 520 comes ready to utilize add-on features from other companies, things which until now have been software plug-ins and add-ons. For example, the 520 comes out of the box ready to offer in-ride challenges through Strava live segments. It can report cycling-specific VO2 max and recovery time when used with power and heart rate, and it pairs with compatible ANT+ indoor trainers for data display and control for those of you that like to ride on Swift Island.

Garmin Edge 520

The Edge 520 is for those looking for every data point they can collect.

As we’re talking about a Garmin product, it makes perfect sense that the 520 would have special features related to Garmin’s own Vector or Vector 2 pedal-based power meters. Utilizing either of those pieces of equipment will let you track Functional Threshold Power (FTP), watts/kg, and “cycling dynamics,” presumably related to efficiency of your pedaling stroke. Like the Edge 25, the 520 is a connected device that offers automatic uploads and live tracking, but also offers smart notifications, the ability to send and receive courses, social media sharing, and weather updates.

Just like the Edge 25, the 520 comes either as the unit itself, or in a bundle offering that includes the heart rate monitor and cadence sensor. And, as is the case with the Edge 25, with the 520 the savings is had in getting the bundle over getting the unit and add on sensors separately.

Come by the shop and let us show you the new Garmin Edge 25 and 520 today.

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