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220 Miles of Biking Bliss

April 8, 2016


Austin has reached an important turning point in its evolution to becoming a great place to ride a bike.  There are more people than ever riding bikes on our city’s streets, but all too often friends and acquaintances say that they are no longer willing to take a chance riding in the city due to our crowded roads and distracted, impatient drivers, and there are too many folks who won’t consider trying cycling for themselves and their families because they’re scared for their well being.

We can, and must, do something about that!  Please join me in working to improve the environment for cycling in Austin by taking 3 simple steps that will help implement the city’s Bicycle Master Plan. The Bicycle Master Plan will create 220 miles of “all ages and abilities” protected bike lanes and trails, a city-wide system that would allow anyone from 8 to 80 to feel safe and secure riding in them.  This will encourage the 50% of Austinites who want to ride bikes regularly to do so because they will have physical protection from vehicle traffic, with an added bonus of removing 20,000 cars from our inner city streets every weekday.

Three easy steps to success to begin transforming Austin into the best American city in which to ride a bike–

#1—Sign Bike Austin’s petition to encourage Mayor Adler and the City Council to fully fund the Bicycle Master Plan.  (And take the next step by RSVP’ing for their rally on April 26th to deliver those petitions to City Hall)

#2—Take the City of Austin Mobility Survey with an emphasis on cycling and pedestrian facilities.  On question #4 please check “Construct missing segments in the street, sidewalk and bicycle networks.”  On question #8 choose “Local Mobility Needs” as your top choice.

#3—Join Bike Austin and support the great work they are doing to represent the cycling community with their education, outreach and advocacy for cycling in Austin.

Thanks for your consideration of this important opportunity. Working together we can live in a city that prioritizes safe, convenient mobility for everyone who wants to ride a bike for transportation and recreation.

It’s Time to Ride!
Hill Abell

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