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5 Reasons for Loving the Real Ale Ride

May 5, 2017


Bicycle Sport Shop’s elite racing team, Super Squadra, is no stranger to bike rides in Blanco (and, lets be honest, Real Ale beer). The team members have long made the roads surrounding this scenic little town a destination for training and races.

This year, Super Squadra will participate in the Real Ale Ride’s 15 and 30-mile routes. But team members won’t be racing, they’ll be there to ride alongside kiddos and offer support and encouragement. (Don’t hesitate to ask for a gentle push if a hill proves too daunting.)

Here, Super Squadra recounts five reasons why they love The Real Ale ride.

1) Bikes

With five different routes ranging from 15 to 80 miles, the Real Ale Ride caters to all kinds of riders. Bring your knobby tired or hybrid bike, your sleek racing machine, or your battery-powered e-bike—just bring a bike. Every route provides long sections of smooth and little-trafficked roads, undulating terrain, and breath-taking views. There’s no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon with a couple thousand of your cycling friends.

2) Beer

FACT: Fresh beer tastes better. And there’s no better way to maximize the lip-smacking pleasure of a crisp beer, than quaffing one straight from the source after a demanding bike ride. Whether you’re a hop-head (try the Axis IPA), a traditionalist (drink the Belgian-inspired White), or a non-discriminatory imbiber (Fireman’s Four remains a refreshing crowd pleaser), Real Ale makes a beer sure to please you.

3) Bathing suits

Did someone say swimming hole? The cool waters of the Blanco River, which parallels the final leg of the Real Ale Ride’s route, will help rejuvenate tired legs and salt-encrusted torsos. Take a dip at one of the river’s quiet pools, found at the stone dams along River Run Road and within the Blanco State Park. You’ll be glad you did.

4) BBQ

Brisket. Sausage. Pork. Chicken. Beans. Slaw. Pickles, onions, sauce, and more from Blanco’s Old 300 BBQ and pitmaster Ladd Pepper (yes, that’s his real name). All this BBQ goodness is why you ride bikes. This is why you feel blessed to live in Texas. Enjoy. You earned it.

5) Blanco

The hub of the hill country, that’s what they call this town. And when you roll out through the quaint town square, across the Blanco River, and onto the single-lane roads that wind through this wide-open and undulating landscape, you’ll understand exactly why. The hill country and Blanco, in particular, remain one of the world’s best places to swing a leg over a bike and start pedaling.

The Real Ale Ride will be held on May 20. Register here to join in the fun!

By Ian Dille

Ian currently works as a freelance journalist and is a contributing writer for a variety of publications, including Outside magazine, Texas Monthly, and Bicycling. Ian is a founding member of Super Squadra and serves as the Team Manager.

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    so my reason, love it

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    Love riding,Love living

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