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Police Chief Acevedo Takes on the Austin Commuter Challenge

May 11, 2009

May is Bicycle Montth in Austin, and Bicycle Sport Shop is celebrating with a friendly challenge for Austin and the surrounding area.  The Austin Commuter Challenge works to promote cycling as a green alternative for trips to work, school, the grocery store or other destinations that Austinites would normally take by car.

We were thrilled to see Police Chief Acevedo at the recent Political Pedal.  I  provided the Chief with a bike to ride.  During the event I had the opportunity to speak with the Chief about the Austin Commuter Challenge.  Apparently the Chief has a bit of a competitive spirit.  We just learned that Chief Acevedo has joined a team and recruited other is the department to participate.  In addition Sharon Bauer with APD tells us new bike racks were installed in their parking garage.  The month long Austin Commuter Challenge began on May 4th and the Friends and Family Challenge begins today.

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  1. Janice DeMartino permalink
    May 15, 2009 4:00 pm

    Police Chief Acevedo really makes an effort to connect with the people of the city. His enthusiastic participation in the Commuter Challenge is yet another example of his “lead by example” style. Personally, I’m thrilled that Chief Acevedo will be out there dodgin’ traffic with the rest of us. No doubt that he’ll be on the lookout for drivers with bloodshot eyes and a tendency for lane straddling. Bubbas beware!

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