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Who Doesn’t Want A Full Weekend On The Bike?

September 12, 2011

Have a great weekend bike getaway this October!

Any enthusiast road cyclist worth his weight in carbon fiber has thought, “I sure would love to spend a few days just…riding.”  Even if you read all the magazines, spend lunch hours skulking around your local bike shop, hit up your local club rides, done a few charity rides, and maybe even pinned on a number at a race or two, when it comes down to it, you just want to ride.

But even the most dedicated roadie, who logs miles and miles along trusted and well-worn routes, longs for the new road.  And for new road cyclists, nothing can inspire and motivate more than seeing what “just riding” for three days can do for your fitness level—to say nothing of your fun level.  We all want new adventures, with friends, on bikes.

I’ve had the very good fortune to do some local cycling trips with Austin Cycle Camp, many to the Leakey, TX area, where we’re again heading this October.*  If you’re looking to do something different on the bike this Fall, or looking to get back to riding regularly after a long, hot Summer, then let me tell you what you can expect with Austin Cycle Camp at Destination: Leakey.

Get ready to roll out with Austin Cycle Camp at Destination: Leakey!

To start with, we’ve again partnered with an Austin original, Bicycle Sport Shop, to provide you with the best mechanical support for the entire weekend.  There’s little need to carry that extra tube, as we’ll have SAG every day as well as a lead car on longer days.  To say nothing of having two professional mechanics to look over your bike each evening.  Most of the time I’ve left these trips with a bike that was in better working order than when it got there!  Thanks, Bicycle Sport Shop!

Each time I’ve gone on these trips I’ve refined my take-along list.  First off, three rides means three cycling kits—bibs or shorts, jerseys, socks, gloves—three of each.  Not to mention extra “just in case” items—rain cover, arm/leg warmers, vest, etc. as the weekend’s weather dictates.  Base layers are great for this area and this time of year as the temps and breezes can make it feel cool on top of the climbs, not to mention coming down the hills.  Three or four bottles are nice too.  Two on the bike, one in the center jersey pocket in case you want a little more before the next scheduled stop, and one for a pre-prepared recovery drink in the fridge for when you get back.  Sunscreen is a must too, even if the temps are cool.  Off the bike, there’s the Frio River itself.  My first trip I neglected to bring board shorts.  My loss as the Frio River is the perfect post-ride cold soak for tired legs.

Quiet country roads with rolling terrain await you in October!

The riding itself is spectacular.  The roads in the Frio River Valley are lightly travelled.  And the cars that do come by from time-to-time are used to two-wheeled traffic as the area hosts some of the state’s best motorcycle riding.  Expect to be able to ride two-by-two and chat with riding buddies—new and old—with ease.  The terrain is rolling, with some good sized climbs thrown in when we roll out of the immediate Leakey area and into the surrounding communities.  Each day there are two ride options.  Every time I’ve been the vast majority if not all riders opt for the longer route.  Makes sense since you’re there to ride!  That means rides of roughly 35, 75, and 50 miles over the three days.  Of course, if you want to grab that SAG, go for it.  This is a cycling weekend, not a “training camp” so enjoy yourself and your riding!

A professional photographer to document your weekend of riding.

If you’ve got a small point-and-shoot camera you’ll want to bring it and stick it in a jersey pocket.  There’s tons of scenic beauty along the ride routes, not to mention great photo ops at the top of the climbs!  If you forget your camera though (like I did last time) you’re in luck.  Susan Beth Photography is coming along for the ride this October.  Susan is a gifted photographer, not to mention a good rider and all around friendly person, so we’re really lucky we were able to get her to come along.

Demo wheels from Zipp Speed Weaponry, the aero wheel masters, for you to try during Destination: Leakey!

If like us you’re a gear head, then you’re really in luck.  The Zipp demo fleet is going to Leaky.  This is a chance to see a nearly full complement of Zipp’s latest wheel offerings.  But not just see.  You’re going to get a chance to ride a pair of Zipps if you like!  That’s right, a set of 303s, 404s, maybe even some super-light 202s, the all-new 101s, or the wickedly fast 808s!  And since the Zipp staffers will be with us, you’ll get all your questions answered and learn how to pick the best wheel for your riding goals and target events.

For food, it’s covered.  No.  Seriously.  We’ve really got it covered.  We’re bring along the biggest BBQ/smoker/grill pit we’ve ever seen as well as a professional chef to run it.  Yes.  A professional chef.   Remember we’re talking about a cycling weekend getaway, not a “training camp.”  So you’ll be hard pressed to drop weight this weekend!  We’re talking smoked salmon, awesome breakfast spreads each morning, gourmet “rolling” lunches, the works.  But it’s not all about mealtime.  Our local, Central Texas Powerbar rep is coming to ride too.  That means on-the-bike nutrition by the leader in endurance sports fuels.  Drink, food, recovery product, all of it.  But it’s not just a gel here or a bottle there.  We’re going to get the low down on how and why these products work and learn a bit about best practices when it comes to on-the-bike nutrition.

Yes, that is a state-of-the-art 58 inch satellite TV on the grill trailer!

Base camp itself is really nice.  Private, fully furnished cabins, with nice finishes, a full kitchen, a flat screen TV, and a DVD player (we’ll bring an assortment of cycling-related DVDs from our library for you to watch).  So if you need a little solitude, you’ll be able to kick back and relax when not on the bike.

This could be you!

This really is a great weekend and I highly recommend coming along.  The vast majority of riders are road enthusiasts—folks that just plain like to ride.  And the group is, traditionally, fairly evenly split between men and women.  Some folks bring riding buddies.  Others come solo though.  We’re not going to Leakey to race, so pull up along side another rider and chat a bit, or go ahead and take a little dig at the front of the group, its your weekend to just…ride.

More details and registration information can be found here:  Destination: Leakey is half sold out, so we recommend registering soon!

* Full disclosure: while you may know me from Bicycle Sport Shop, I’ve now teamed up with Austin Cycle Camp.

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  1. September 12, 2011 10:53 pm

    Nice article about a really great ride/tour. Got to do this 3-day ride last May and can honestly say the riding, food, support, organization, venue, and camaraderie were most excellent in every respect. Came home feeling like a million bucks. Just awesome! We’re green with envy for those who get to do the October event.

  2. djcurtin permalink
    September 13, 2011 1:20 am

    Thanks, Don! We’ll miss ya this time around. Tell your friends to join us and Bicycle Sport Shop in October! Cheers!

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